entrepreneur mindset 20/5/2018

When you start a thing or you are making a decision, think of where you want to be with it in your future like after five years. This practice will help you to filter your thoughts as we don’t have an infinity of time and we can’t take irresponsible steps with our life.   Faaez

success comes to hard work

“Hard and consistent efforts towards your goal brings you success. Those countless efforts waits for that one chance where all the pieces get in their respective places and there is no looking back.”   Faaez

success comes with a baggage

If you want to go from here to there, then you must know what “here” is and how far “there” is. And it is not that easy and you might make many mistakes and that is totally OK, because excellence comes with a baggage of hard work, mistakes, sacrifices and wrong decisions.   Faaez

what I call a sharp thought

nobody wants to be a gentleman now a days. money, followers, likes and views have changed the perspective how we measure the credibility and the stature of a person. It’s disgusting an shocking many times when I meet a person who is sitting in such a powerful position with a mind like shit. Faaez

quote of the day 15/5/2018

To succeed you must bring discipline in your lifestyle and develop positive habits and attitude. You can’t achieve satisfaction with a bad mood. And I want to put a little light on the most underrated dimensions of successful people and they are good health and good mind. Eat better, work obsessively and be grateful for…

thought of the day 13/5/2018

A tree never grows in a day. Thus, you have to keep in your mind that every action you take and every action you waste is related to time and be very practical in your actions. Most of the people assume that they have lots of time, but that it is so false. Good things…

on my mind 25/4/2018

“if you are real you will never be afraid of the responsibilities and circumstances which your action can yield.”


for me intimacy is that exchange of energy in which two people get so much authority on each other where they can enter into each others thoughts and do that love and romantic acts which they can’t do sitting next to each other in the coffee shop and they both blush because they both know…

quote of the day 12-04-2018

the best thing I like about us is the way we shift close to each other after every fight so effortlessly like nothing happened.

love quote 09/04/2018

“I just know the shape of her like I know how to make my favorite coffee, loving she is about passion and its like an art to me and I have no shame to say that I am addicted to her taste.” Faaez  

love quote 04/04/2018

if someday I be that simple and complex that a book can be written on me then she would be the author or I can say she is my living biography. فاایز

success quote 03/04/2018

“success is a misunderstood concept. success is the power of time, passion and to influence, money is just the by-product of it.”