the love letter

this time his answer was different – ” I love you because you are my addiction and the art I get inspired by. I love you for a number of reasons, but more importantly, I feel incomplete in your absence and that is the worst feeling and I have experienced something very different when we…

her beauty

“her beauty is not in the shape of her body, but in the shape of her soul.” King

in the dark I was seeking

In the dark I was seeking a light, and when I found you I learned that sometimes it is not the light you are seeking but someone who will help you to cross the dark path through the dense forests. King

you are beautiful

one day everything will fall right, one day I will be holding your hands and there will be nothing on our back to regret and make us sad, one day I will make the perfect art with my words to let you know that you are the most beautiful thing happen to me. Fj “kabhi…


people need to be easy on them self. working is good, hard working is great, but always think before you take any action, why?. why you want to achieve something or get better, if it is self satisfaction and making your version better than it is fine, but if it is to satisfy greed or…

Quote of the day 14/10/2017

Everything you truly desire is on your way, you just have to be in constant motion and learn how to make decisions with the change. Fj

the storm and the daisy

he was a storm and she was a beautiful daisy, the night he tried to destroy her was the night he melted and the storm gets dissolved in the color of her delicate petals. Fj woh parwana kya jo kisi shama ki mohabat m jala na ho

for you

Why am I with you? 1) because you fixes the things where I fail and where I want a best friend. 2) I know that I am one of a boring soul and we are like lock and key, completely different but best for each other and more than that in need of each other….

most beautiful thing

most beautiful thing happened to me is my first kiss with you which was like a storm within me in which all the things which were broken was fixed, the lock and the key were finding each other. Fj King waqt ki kami thi, chaand ko aaj jaana tha, warna chandni m sharmati teri jhuki…


What we are doing and what we are persuading today makes what we will be, every step you take and every hard work count. It’s not that a man makes a difference in a day, it’s a long process and persistent efforts and that’s what most of us ignore that it is a process. Fj

The first love

Dearest love,After you left I learned well why people say you never forget your first love. Your first love is the first time you stumble between dreams and reality, the first time you notice the beauty of soft moon light and twinkling of stars, first time you blossom and first time your heart’s walls crack…

broken pieces

“I say that it is all over, but deep inside I still have that broken pieces left and the worst part is that I don’t know how to fix them.”   P.S. – ab in aankho ki galti nahin hai, inhe aadat si hogai hai nam rehne ki.