thought of the day 20/08/2017

Never live in a rented place in someone else heart, make home in yourself. I am 28 and the best habit I have adopted in my life is reading books, every book has given me a new life. adopt good habits like reading books, getting up early and doing exercise regularly and you will definitely…


I have learned that you can’t keep everyone happy and the hardest decisions are to choose between two right or two wrong things. sometimes to keep everyone happy you hurt everyone, including yourself. Actually, it is a tough call when you have to make up your mind to stay or move on. King

post of the day 15/08/2017

Leaving behind all his excuses I again started to focus and work on my health and to be very true my workout time, whether I am cycling or jogging or working with irons is my best time. A good physical health has a direct impact on your concentration, mind and on your moods. It’s like…

quote of the day 12/08/2017

If somebody tells you that if you think positive the nature will bring you all what you desire that is only half true, you have to get up and work for it to bring the raw material together to build your dream.

thought of the day 10/08/2017

Melancholy is a major problem today, people take stress and feel sad without any real reason, and all are so impatient and in a hurry. We have to understand the fact that everything takes time like if you are hitting the gym and pumping iron, then it will take time to bring visible results. Success is not an overnight thing and money is not a measure of happiness. Social networking sites are not for solving…

thought of the day 07/08/2017

Never judge a person by his/her dressing or their status, a rich person by heart or a person with incredible knowledge may appear very normal.   King

It’s more of a responsibility

A man is not just about physical strength, it is about how he keeps his world safe. It is about emotional strength to bring safety to his family and for people around him and to bring safety to the values and responsibilities he carry. A man is not about money and power which now a days…

beautiful words

The sun meets the horizon of the wild ocean, there was an addiction and wildness between them, she was in search of something and he was salty rain water. King

you can’t repair all

If you are a person who cares a lot, who thinks a lot and who loves a lot, then you will obviously get hurt and that is an inevitable thing. You have to realize in time that some people cannot be repaired, and some people don’t want to like a crescent moon, beautiful but incomplete….

Wonder woman (as I believe every woman is)

She is not close to perfection which is a very basic human quality, but when you see it from my view I see a very adorable woman who claims to be very simple, but has a huge baggage of tantrums which is beautifully thrown on my shoulders and I am ordered to walk with it.


making everything right is not every time so easy, most of the time you break yourself in mending others. King


few get that magic in which you meet someone and you know inside that this is not the first time I am meeting her or him and from the very first word you utter you become friends and that friendship travels through streets of life, the ups and downs from kisses to morning breakfast. It’s…