quote of the day 5/11/2017

“to look attractive you first have to feel attractive and good. a few good things to yourself is sometimes what all you need.” King Advertisements

quote of the day

the things which are happening around you and on which you have no control will happen anyways, it’s your attitude you take them as sufferings or lessons. king

just grey

“he is just grey. not too bright to be cheerful every time and not too dark. he has deep eyes like there are stories in them and smile which is serious.”

bad time is your test

bad time is just like your schooling period, even if it is over, it depends on the work you have done on yourself during it that determines your growth after it.   King

quote 25/11/2017

“one day all your broken pieces will make an art, till then survive.” “bohat khwaab tute h tere intezaar mei, ek din tu mil jae bas yhi intezaar hai.”

don’t wait

procrastination is one the most common reason of failure. If you have decided to do something just start it, and it is for sure that there will be struggle and lots of hurdles, but my dear friends in the journey every single step, whether big or small does matter. start your beautiful journey right now….

that fear inside you

the threat is very deep inside us, that fear which is built inside us. the fear of failure, the fear of what others will say and how everyone will react. the worst part is we fear love, because love demands patience and sacrifice and we fear that. overcome fear and be natural, be more human…

not just exist

not just exist, but try to be alive. it is very normal that in today’s world, everything is so instant and so much practical that peace and happiness have become just words in motivation lessons, but let be real to yourselves that what you desire and what is your destiny. what is best for me…

quote 19.11.2017

“he is a forest fire, he is fatal and dangerous even when he is small and calm.” King

the old piece

he is like an art in the end corner of the museum, very few people visits to watch the pain and the time he had spent in his existence to be one of like others but failed and that story made him exceptional, an adorable old piece. King

it is all within you

“in my desperate search for peace, I have found that the magic is within you. the magic to watch the emotions, feel them and then react to them is within you. the power to change and the power to be calm and serene is within you. I have found on the road that the journey…

sunday quote 12/11/2017

it is a very basic characteristic of human to get attracted more towards passion and towards a person who is in a continuous process of getting better. the people should understand that doing something good to others and to the society is an achievement and a very cool thing to do. King