thought of the day 20.09.2017

There are many people, bloggers, etc who say that you should do this and that to make a good impression and all or socially attract people, but in my opinion, one of the most important things they miss to say is that a person is most attractive when he possesses a good amount of knowledge…

for lifetime

the day I met her is the day my better life began. it is not that everything became easy or there are no problems now, its just that now I know there is someone who will back me and support me in my decisions and struggles. your life has never become totally perfect if somebody…

the conversation on the sunset

The old man told the boy– that when he looks with his heavy glasses, to the horizons where there is this beautiful vista of waving fields meeting the setting sun and giving that beautiful glow of new wood fire, I can see the beautiful shadow of the girl, she is still there the girl I…

it is never easy

love is never easy and it is not compulsory that it will be complete as most of the world assumes, many times you have to make decisions and leave behind many things even your love for your love. King

love quote 04/09/2017

They met after seven years. Electrified by the gust of emotions she asked how are you doing to which he answered, still trying to believe that we are on different paths.   King Fj

a kiss can change everything

my favourite time is that few moments when I tasted your soul, it was sweet in taste, a taste you cannot forget and a kiss I got addicted to.   King

thought of the day 27/08/2017

Everyone fails and that’s how life makes you learn how to be grateful and respect time. The thing is to pray, work, and be positive. KING

thought of the day 20/08/2017

Never live in a rented place in someone else heart, make home in yourself. I am 28 and the best habit I have adopted in my life is reading books, every book has given me a new life. adopt good habits like reading books, getting up early and doing exercise regularly and you will definitely…


I have learned that you can’t keep everyone happy and the hardest decisions are to choose between two right or two wrong things. sometimes to keep everyone happy you hurt everyone, including yourself. Actually, it is a tough call when you have to make up your mind to stay or move on. King

post of the day 15/08/2017

Leaving behind all his excuses I again started to focus and work on my health and to be very true my workout time, whether I am cycling or jogging or working with irons is my best time. A good physical health has a direct impact on your concentration, mind and on your moods. It’s like…

quote of the day 12/08/2017

If somebody tells you that if you think positive the nature will bring you all what you desire that is only half true, you have to get up and work for it to bring the raw material together to build your dream.