Keep all the things simple, in the process, you might hurt some people and you might get hurt, but in the end all will go smoothly. Keeping things simple means everything like your fitness goals, your success goals your love life every single thing and work step by step. Believe in yourself and believe in…

when you are in darkness and broke you learn to be grateful, you learn to appreciate small gestures, every shine, even small efforts of others who care and love you. Fj king


this is me, a very normal man still trying to sew the words to make a beautiful poem to let you know the magic our togetherness has created.  

the thing you can control

The only thing you can control is what you thinks and how you acts. It’s very normal that sometimes we lose control and we may think to hurt someone, greed, lust, etc but that is when we have to fight with our bad side and choose the right path.   Fj King

thought of the day 08/07/2017

Trust me, most of the time you get disappointed or sad because you fails to make clear about what you want. Yes, this is a fact that many of us have made this false parameter and we go for the goals which are not ours. If my happiness is to buy and ride a bicycle…

thought of the day 05.07.2017

The problem I think with the youth is their easy access to direct results and these all social media and technologies which have made it so easy to influence and get influenced and most of the people are without going through a process of research and learning about a person or an event etc. reads…

thought of the day 04/07/2017

“Everything is impossible until it is done, once somebody great makes that benchmark most of the people pursue it and it is good, but what stands apart is the ability of a few people, the madness of some people not to give up that has changed the world. Very few people have made that magic…

thought of the day 29.06.2017

What I think is love is like a journey, more like a process to build you and make you more clear on concepts of happiness and life. It’s a process which involves a partnership of two people, it can be you and your mom or your girlfriend and you, but how you sought out issues…

a learning over a coffee

One of a beautiful piece of change I have learned today from my close friend that don’t  be self-conceit and always be receptive to knowledge, reviews and more importantly the truth. This idea doesn’t mean that you get bothered by everyone’s reaction, but yes carefully listen and grasp every possible detail and it might be possible that…


He is a wild wind tamed in a human skin, a lion’s heart who is not allowed to be ferocious and vigorous and his patience is seen as his weakness, but that ever burning fire in the eyes make you see a warrior from some distanced land.   Fj King


“There is a silence and a weird sort of emptiness. He was not left with breakage, but with a hollow space and that little gap between what he was and what he is haunts him the most.” Fj King

It’s just a mistake not the end

Mistakes show that with every effort you are getting more desperate and dedicated to achieving the goal, mistakes are so simple they happen and you can’t do anything about it so just learn and move on. Fj King