Love quote 31/03/2018

I promise to hold you close and give you warmth when it is cold, I promise to walk by your side when you need a friend and pass you my shoulder in case you need some support or rub your nose. I promise to go on shopping with you and will not utter a word…

a bitter truth #1

“It always hurts more to have and lose than to not have in the first place.” ~Khaled Hosseini past never remains in the past, and surely if you have given a good amount of time and emotions to it. it finds a way to peep in your present, and the best you can do is…

QOTD 07/01/2018

one simple rule which can change almost everything around you is to treat everything the way you want to be treated. trust me, it’s not just a quote but a way to transform your life. be thankful for the food, for the shelter and for your life and you will be much happier.   King

quote of the day 04/01/2018

Focus on few good things that makes yo happy, hard work and consistency will automatically make it large. When you know your destination, then you can make your own roads, but aimless person loses even if the road is good.   King

be natural

as we grow, we leave behind the real beauty of life. I still love watching Disney and superhero movies and cycling and things like that and trust me, I am happiest when I do such things.

thought of the day 15-12-2017

people don’t take their dreams seriously and that is one major reason of mediocrity. if you dream something and you want it, then work on it and just imagine how beautiful the process will be sweating and struggling for the thing which is above all and make you stand confidently among the crowd because you…

to make yourself a better you

the person you love the most has the power to shatter you, and if you love yourself enough then you can reconstruct yourself into a better version. every time you get shatter, remember there is an opportunity to get yourself better.   King

when love makes you an artist 13-12-2017

listen to my dreams, my love, and they will recite you a beautiful poem, a beautiful poem of how once upon a time a broken art was touched by an artist and she recreated it in wonder. King

wisdom thought 12-12-2017

most of us are running behind the things which we don’t need and that’s the problem. the universe has planned everything for us and it support us for what is ours but if we run from the things which doesn’t belong to us, it is very obvious that we will end up with sadness and…

the thought 10/12/2017

I may be the most messed up person in a room, but I know that I am real. I am in a constant process of making myself better and leave a smile on people around me and that’s most important for me. It is kind of good and bad both that I have seen so…

evening thought 08/12/2017

If we study about human emotions in general, one of the most common and a major cause of sadness or depression is not understanding what we are for, why are we different from others and how we should balance our life. Everyone is different because everyone has different strings which are connecting them to the…

motivational thought 07/12/2017

I believe that the first 90 days are the toughest for any start I am not saying the things will surely get easier after that, but if you sustain for that much period I am sure that you will develop a habit of moving towards your goal and that will become discipline of your life….